Circle Count Is The Google+ Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Circle Count

I’ve been pushing Google+ a lot lately and while many of you may be sick of hearing me talk about it. I really am loving this social network and the community of awesome people that I have connected with. While the comparisons between Google+ and Facebook are going to happen. The fact remains that they are two very different social networks with features that are unique to both.

  • Google+ allows animated GIFs, Facebook does not
  • Facebook allows scheduling of posts from within Facebook, Google+ does not
  • Google+ has some really great image editing tools baked into the platform, Facebook has Instagram
  • Facebook has Insights and Google+ has no visible analytics component

And that last point is where I want to share with you a free third party tool that can help you get the most out of Google+.

Enter Circle Count

Circle Count is a free tool that you can use to get a better understanding of your Google+ activities and after signing in and configuring Circle Count the real fun begins. It analyzes your Google+ posts and displays followers gained, the shares and +1’s each post received, comments and +1s the re-share received on a per post basis and the overall average based on your last 50 posts. It also takes a look at your followers and those you have circled and displays information such as location and even their birthdays.

The information contained within Circle Count can be a little overwhelming at first and some of the information I think can be entirely omitted. Where I tend to focus my activities is on the dashboard. This report analyzes your public Google+ posts and then produces a few different tables with a staggering amount of information that can be used to make more of an impact in your Google+ marketing efforts.

The Your Posts table displays data such as the time/date of your post, followers gained on each post, +1’s, shares and even +1’s from shares. This type of information can help you determine which content your post and share, connects the best with your audience as well as the best time of day to post your content to help ensure it reaches the most exposure helping it to gain higher engagement levels.

Circle Count - Your Posts

The Your Posts table found within the Circle Count Dashboard screen. As you can see I have a lot of work to do to improve my Google+ efforts.

Below Your Posts is Your Posting Statistics which includes information such as a comparison of your overall posts versus your last 50 which can help you discover if you’re efforts are better than or worse than normal.

Circle Count - Your Posting Statistics

Your Posting Statistics gives you show you trends comparing your last 50 posts to your total posts. Again, I need to spend more time within Google+ learning to use this network for higher engagement.


Then we’re provided with a graph of comments, shares and +1s which is broken down by days of the week and graphs out the days on which each of these types of engagement are at their highest.

Your average engagement levels by hour? Circle Count has a graph for that as well.

Your content with the most Shares, +1’s and Comments? Yep, Circle Count displays that information for you as well.

Circle Count - Engagement Times

Another graph within your Circle Count Dashboard shows you the days of the week and times your posts gained the most engagement.

Final Thoughts

For a free tool, Circle Count provides a staggering amount of data that you can use to get even more traction out of your content within Google+. But, as I stated previously it does have a lot of information and much of it, while interesting may actually muddy what you are looking for and that is why I spend the majority of my time within the dashboard.

If you’re looking to spend more time on Google+ then Circle Count is the tool that you’re going to want to use, especially if you’re used to working within Facebook Insights. While not as comprehensive a tool as Insights what Circle Count does it does well and any marketer serious about Google+ should at the very least explore the dashboard on Circle Count to get an overview of their performance and gain a little insight into what they could do to increase engagement within this platform.

Over To You

Are you a Circle Count user? Has it been useful in helping you gain a further understanding of your Google+ activities?

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