9 Tips To Help You Grow Your Social Media Presence

9 Tips To Help You Grow Your Social Media Presence

As an individual or brand just starting off in social, getting noticed can be difficult, especially with many established individuals at or near the top in every niche and industry. Don’t be discouraged by that because I didn’t say social isn’t a tool you can use to expand your reach and grow your brand. It just means you have to work it a little harder at first to establish yourself.

Instead of trying to be like everyone else, you need to have a plan in place and think strategically about what you are going to do in order to grow your social media presence. This will help you in achieving your goals (You have measurable goals and a strategy in place, right? If not, start here).

While I may write about social media, produce a podcast related to social media and am generally immersed in social media in some form every single day. I am no different than you, I am still working hard to grow my online presence. So I know the struggles that many are facing and the uphill climb establishing that presence often feels like.

In order to help me, help you, help me,  help you (or something like that). I want to share 9 tips that you can use over and over to help you grow your social media presence, achieve success and complete those goals. (You have those goals in place now, right? If not, please, please, please head on back and start with goals and strategies. This will help you create a plan that combined with these tips will help you reach those  goals.)

Without further interruption, here are 9 tips you can use to help you grow your social media presence.

1. Follow interesting people

I’ve said it before and have even written about how to find interesting people to follow. It is important that you search out interesting people as this group will form the basis for relationships and content discovery down the road. Learn from these interesting individuals; see what they do in order to grow their own social media presence.

2. Provide value

You should always be working to provide value to your audience. The more value you provide to others the more you’ll find people want to get to know you. This alone can expand your social media presence greatly. You can do this by creating new content through blogging, podcasting or even videos on YouTube, by curating and sharing great content others are sharing, or a combination of the two methods.

3. Be yourself

As stated by relationship marketing expert enthusiast Wade Harman in a recent post:

“Whatever you do, be original. Be authentic.”Wade Harman

And I completely agree. Too many people tend to hold back for fear of being judged or being seen as different. In order to stand out from the crowd, grab attention and be noticed you need to be yourself. Conformity breeds complacency and if you want to grow your social media presence you need to be yourself.

4. Make friends

Social media is about being social. Sitting back, avoiding the conversation and trying to do things alone will get you nowhere fast. Find a community or group of like minded individuals who share your interests and get to know them. Facebook Groups and Google+ communities are a great place to find your tribe and make new friends.

5. Have conversations

Along with the above point of make friends, you also need to engage and join in the conversations happening around you. If you have an opinion on a topic being discussed, jump in and enter the conversation. If you are being authentic and adding to the conversation you have nothing to worry about. Trolls on the other hand are usually dealt with swiftly.

6. Make sure your profiles are up to date

How do you expect others to get to know you if you don’t give them a way to do so? Go through each of your social media profiles and audit them for any mistakes or omissions. Correct and update as necessary.

7. Help others

Want to know the secret of growing your presence quickly? Be helpful. Seek out those asking questions about your industry or niche and provide helpful answers that help them solve their problems. When you solve problems, you provide value this helps you to make new friends and your presence will grow.

8. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

Combined with point 3 of be yourself, never be afraid to speak your mind. What I mean by this is, don’t feel you have to keep your mouth shut on a topic you disagree with simply because the person you question happens to be a big name blogger with influence. If you disagree with their point, say so and give reasons why. Just don’t be a dick about it, instead engage in an actual dialogue.

9. Say Thank You

Remember what your mom taught you about manners? Always say thank you. This is something I try to do on an ongoing basis and when someone shares my content I work hard to mention them and say thanks. Being polite and having manners is just as important online as it is in the real world and it goes a long ways in showing that you are real and you care.

Final Thoughts

Growing your presence isn’t rocket science; you need a plan, a little time and some hard work. The rewards that come along with growing your social media presence aren’t just related to how far your reach will extend or the influence that comes along with it. Instead you will also find that along the journey you will have created many new relationships and have found a community you belong to and maybe even have built a community around you.

Growing your presence shouldn’t merely be about influence and material gain. Instead think about new relationships that can be made, helping others and in being you. This is the true value gained in growing your presence.

Over To You

What tip can you share that you have used to help grow your social media presence?

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  • http://inspiretothrive.com/ Lisa Buben

    Chad – I think too many people expect it to happen quickly instead of taking time. It’s like planting seeds and waiting for the crop to grow. Along with watering and weeding, the hard work of social networking that takes time and patience :) I so agree with be yourself!

    • http://socialthreesixty.com/ Chad Egeland

      I completely agree with you Lisa. This is not an overnight success, you have to put in the time and effort daily before you will ever see results. It’s more of a long term strategy than a quick fix type of solution.