16 Social Media Pinterest Boards You Should Be Following

16 Pinterest Boards You Should Follow

Pinterest as you know is a fun, visual and some would say addictive social network. Along with the cat memes, DIY projects, motivational quotes and other content I (and many others) enjoy it also has become a go to source for discovering new and interesting social media content. That’s right, there’s more to Pinterest than cats and recipes :-). It’s also a fantastic place that I turn to in helping me to discover and curate social media, online marketing, graphic design and other content and tips related to everything digital.

Below you will find 16 of my favourite social media themed Pinterest boards and while you may see some duplicates in terms of what the board is about, each board is unique enough to include on the list. I guarantee you won’t regret following any of these boards as they will fill your Pinterest feed with nothing but highly pinnable and shareable content.

Rebekah Radice

Google+ Tips
Follow Rebekah Radice’s board Google+ Tips on Pinterest.

Pinterst Power Tips
Follow Rebekah Radice’s board Pinterest Power Tips on Pinterest.

Peg Fitzpatrick

Social Media Savoir Faire
Follow Peg Fitzpatrick’s board Social Media Savoir Faire on Pinterest.

Pinterest Tips For Success
Follow Peg Fitzpatrick’s board Pinterest Tips for Success on Pinterest.

Google+ Resources
Follow Peg Fitzpatrick’s board Google+ Resources #EvanG+ on Pinterest.


Social Media Tip
Follow Canva’s board Social media tips on Pinterest.

Canva Blog Posts
Follow Canva’s board Canva Blog Posts on Pinterest.

Jeff Sieh

Google+ Hangouts Worth Watching
Follow Jeff Sieh’s board Google+ Hangouts Worth Watching on Pinterest.

YouTube Tips
Follow Jeff Sieh’s board YouTube Tips on Pinterest.

Mike Allton

Hootsuite Resources
Follow Mike Allton’s board HootSuite Resources on Pinterest.

Follow Mike Allton’s board Blogging on Pinterest.

More In Media

Social Media Beginners Guide
Follow More In Media’s board Social Media Beginner Guides on Pinterest.

Social Solutions Collective

Collective Blog Post
Follow Social Solutions’s board Collective Blog Posts on Pinterest.

Jenn Herman

Social Media
Follow Jenn Herman’s board Social Media on Pinterest.

Neal Schaffer

Instagram For Business
Follow Neal Schaffer | Maximize Social Business’s board Instagram for Business on Pinterest.

Mari Smith

Facebook Marketing
Follow Mari Smith’s board Facebook Marketing on Pinterest.

Final Thoughts

As you can see Pinterest is not only great as a place to collect content around your interests but also as a content discovery, curation and learning platform. The new search features found within the mobile app and on the Pinterest website allow for users to easily discover more content in the topics they wish learn more about and make it easier to find those users who are sharing and generating that great content.
In order for marketers to make Pinterest work for them they have to shift their mindsets into thinking of Pinterest as more than just a recipe and shoe collection site. It can in fact be used by brands and business as a marketing platform that can generate brand awareness and even sales.

Over To You

What is your favourite Pinterest marketing board?

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  • Jeff Sieh

    What a great list! Honored to be included. Thanks so much Chad.

    • http://socialthreesixty.com/ Chad Egeland

      Thanks for stopping by @jeffsieh:disqus! It was pretty easy to add you to the list as your Pinterest boards always contain so much great content.

  • http://www.TheSocialMediaHat.com/ Mike Allton

    Thanks so much Chad! Great resource.

    • http://socialthreesixty.com/ Chad Egeland

      Thanks so much @mallton:disqus for sharing this with your community and thanks for curating such great Pinterest boards.

  • http://windmillnetworking.com/ Neal Schaffer

    Thanks so much for including me – I’m honored!

    • http://socialthreesixty.com/ Chad Egeland

      Happy to @nealschaffer:disqus! Thanks for stopping by and checking the list out.

  • http://www.twelveskip.com/ Pauline Cabrera

    Awesome list Chad!! Already following most of them. Now following Neal and Mari 😉

    • http://socialthreesixty.com/ Chad Egeland

      Thanks @Twelveskip:disqus, I’m so glad you were able to find some new boards to follow.

  • Lisa Wells

    Thanks – I went through and followed those I wasn’t already following.

    • http://socialthreesixty.com/ Chad Egeland

      Thanks @disqus_5iK6xRB8Xv:disqus, Happy to hear you found some new resources to follow.

  • Roberta T

    Wow! I have only a couple of these on my list. I’ll be adding some new folks to my pages!

    • http://socialthreesixty.com/ Chad Egeland

      I’m glad you found some new sources of great content Roberta!

  • http://www.wadeharman.com/ Wade Harman

    Great list of people to follow! I’m liking Canva and their new quest!

    • http://socialthreesixty.com/ Chad Egeland

      Thanks Wade! I’m lovin’ Canva as well they are my go to source of image creation and inspiration now.

  • Rebekah Radice

    Thank you so much for the mention Chad! There is so much value in Pinterest – both as a connection and relationship builder and a traffic generator.

    • http://socialthreesixty.com/ Chad Egeland

      Happy to mention and share your Pinterst boards Rebekah as you do an awesome job in curating and sharing such great content within them. I am fully on board and in agreement with you about Pinterest. I have noticed an increase in traffic coming from Pinterest on a daily basis and the content one can find within the site is incredibly valuable.

  • http://cashwithatrueconscience.com/rbblog Ryan Biddulph

    Excellent Chad! No surprise seeing Rebekah, Peg’s and Mike’s names popping up. Thanks!

    • http://socialthreesixty.com/ Chad Egeland

      Thank you for stopping by @ryanbiddulph:disqus, Were you able to find any new boards to follow?

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  • http://RafaelQuintero.com/ Rafael Quintero

    Thanks Chad!
    great compilation of sources.
    I found a few new ones I wasn’t following.

    • http://socialthreesixty.com/ Chad Egeland

      So glad you could find some new boards worth following Rafael!

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