The Kumbaya Myth Of Social Media

The Kumbaya Myth Of Social Media

One of the myths perpetuating social media, is that by being a friend, building relationships, getting likes, retweets, repins and having a conversation your business will magically start making additional income. At the end of the day these feel good moments and soft metrics matter very little, what matters is how you translate this strategy into real world dollars and results. A solid strategy that includes conversation, likes and other vanity metrics is definitely possible as long as you … [Read more...]

10 Tools You Can Use To Help Generate New Content Ideas

Content Ideas

We all get stuck from time to time on trying to come up with new ideas we can develop into valuable content that our audience wants to see from us. Personally, for me I find the idea part to be the most time consuming but once I have that initial idea the actual content creation happens very quickly. Fortunately over my time blogging I have found methods that will either help me generate new content ideas or tools that I will use to retrieve content ideas that I have stashed there … [Read more...]

Is Your Google+ Circle Strategy In Need Of A Little TLC?

Upgrade Your Google+ Circle Strategy

Google+ is really an amazing social network full of powerful features that make it easily one of my favourite places to spend my time. Google for its part has done a really great job at creating a social network with advanced features such as Hangouts, Text Formatting, and Circles. Circles are extremely powerful and yet mostly overlooked, but when used effectively they allow you to create a feed of self-curated content that is highly relevant to you. I know just how powerful the Circles … [Read more...]

Learn To Manage Time Or It Will Manage You

Learn To Manage Time

I for one know that I can be extremely unfocused at times and this causes me to not always accomplish all that I set out to do each day. I can be undisciplined and have many bad habits including checking my phone for new messages, checking my website analytics, logging into my email to clean up my inbox, and sometimes just time wasted inside different social networks. If this sounds familiar to you and if you’re anything like me, at the end of the work day, you often sit back and wonder what … [Read more...]

Create A Custom Google Analytics Dashboard That Fits Your Data Needs

Custom Analytics Dashboard

Recently I wrote about why you should be using Google Analytics dashboards to help you analyze your data and where you can find custom dashboards to help you quickly make sense of this data in your own marketing. While I did share a resource for helping you to find a dashboard to help you better understand your data, what happens if you can’t find anything to suit your needs? The answer of course is to build your own dashboard. If you’re unsure of how to do this or just want to get started … [Read more...]