What I Learned In 2014

Lessons Learned In 2014

I started this post a while ago but never published it, instead opting to wait and publish it as a reflection of 2014. This will be a little more personal than my other posts but I think that is a good thing and is a direction I plan on taking my writing and this blog going forward. I have been involved in digital marketing in some capacity for close to 10 years but always as an employee. I started off in SEO before transitioning to content creation and social media marketing. It’s been a … [Read more...]

Automation In Social Media Is Not The Problem

Stop Blaming Automation

I’m a little late to the game on this one but I wanted to comment on it because I believe that automation is getting a bad reputation and has become the whipping boy of social media. Recently, the New England Patriots reached a milestone on Twitter of reaching 1 million fans. I am not a huge NFL fan preferring to spend my time watching the NHL but regardless of how I feel I know that for any organization or individual reaching 1 million followers on Twitter is a huge deal. To celebrate … [Read more...]

Could Rignite Be Your New Social Media Management Tool Of Choice?


Around 3 weeks ago I was approached by a representative from Rignite a social media management tool about taking their tool for a test drive. I scheduled a walk through with the very helpful Maureen and she took me through an overview of Rignite, how it compared to other social media management tools and what made it stand apart from those tools as well. I left the webinar not thinking much more about the service until a couple of days later when Maureen contacted me once again and asked if … [Read more...]

The Kumbaya Myth Of Social Media

The Kumbaya Myth Of Social Media

One of the myths perpetuating social media, is that by being a friend, building relationships, getting likes, retweets, repins and having a conversation your business will magically start making additional income. At the end of the day these feel good moments and soft metrics matter very little, what matters is how you translate this strategy into real world dollars and results. A solid strategy that includes conversation, likes and other vanity metrics is definitely possible as long as you … [Read more...]

10 Tools You Can Use To Help Generate New Content Ideas

Content Ideas

We all get stuck from time to time on trying to come up with new ideas we can develop into valuable content that our audience wants to see from us. Personally, for me I find the idea part to be the most time consuming but once I have that initial idea the actual content creation happens very quickly. Fortunately over my time blogging I have found methods that will either help me generate new content ideas or tools that I will use to retrieve content ideas that I have stashed there … [Read more...]